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Enhancing our Individual Disability Advocacy Capabilities

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

At Sussex Street Community Law Service, we have continued to focus heavily on developing our capabilities to advocate for people with disability.

We relocated our IDAS and NDIS appeals service to the Belmont Hub, giving our frontline case workers and clients excellent facilities, reflecting our level of commitment to the highest standards in disability advocacy.

Belmont Hub is located at 213 Wright Street, Cloverdale. It is the new home for the IDAS advocacy team with state-of-the-art facilities specifically for community organisations and people with disability. These facilities ensure that clients are not disadvantaged by not having access to meeting rooms, video conferencing facilities or space to meet with an advocate comfortably to think through their options.

Belmont Hub building  located at 213 Wright Street, Cloverdale.

Belmont Hub is located at 213 Wright Street, Cloverdale.

Dedicated and experienced triage and waitlist management ensures that the first contact our clients have is with a highly experienced disability advocate, who can assist during the earliest contact with our service.

Our recently employed intake disability advocate brings over 15 years of disability services experience. Coupled with upgrades to our processes and technology, our clients are receiving excellent information, advice and support at the very first point of contact with our service.

Technology improvements are increasing our ability to work remotely and support case workers, who may be working in remote and or regional locations.

With a focus on a mobile, technology supported advocacy team, we are able to increase the number of clients we support.

Enhancing our wrap-around service requires advocates to be cross-skilled and trained. Our disability advocate Golda begun developing her legal expertise under the mentorship and supervision of our experienced disability discrimination lawyer Michele. This inter-team relationship ensures we are able to provide legal and non-legal advocacy where needed.

Development of a fulltime NDIS appeals advocate: For close to six months, our current NDIS appeals advocate has been working closely with our former advocate whilst she has developed her skills and understanding of the NDIS appeals process. Now with significant confidence and capability, Selina offers our clients a fulltime dedicated NDIS appeals advocacy service.

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