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FVRO Conferencing 

Working collectively for better outcomes for all

Expert lawyers are working with respondents of FVROs to ensure speedy and fair outcomes for all. 

In July 2021, conferencing became available in the Perth Magistrates Court for Family Violence Restraining Order matters.


Sussex Street Community Law Service provides legal services to respondents as part of the conferencing process. 

What is conferencing and how does it work?

Conferencing is a type of mediation to resolve disputes.


The conference is heard by a Magistrates Court Registrar, who will meet with both parties to discuss the Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO). They assist in attempting to a resolution before the case has to go to a final order hearing at court.

The parties will be placed in separate rooms at the Court, and the Registrar will "shuttle" between the two rooms to see if the parties can reach an agreement without having to go before the Magistrate. This form of conferencing is sometimes referred to as "shuttle conferencing".

At no stage during the Conference process are parties required to be present in the same room.

As a respondent to a Family Violence Restraining Order, the Department of Justice through Sussex Street Community Law Service will offer to you an experienced lawyer, who will guide you through the process.  

At the conference, the Registrar will try to develop options with the parties to resolve the proceedings as quickly as possible. The Registrar will determine:

  • What facts/issues (if any) are agreed to by the parties

  • Whether there are any unusual or urgent matters that require special attention

  • What questions are to be determined by the Magistrate at the final order hearing

If the matter cannot be resolved at the conference, the Registrar may make orders to ensure that the matter is ready for the final order hearing, allowing for quick and orderly proceedings.


It is important that you make contact with us as soon as possible so we can understand that matter and prepare for your conference. 

Find out more about Conferencing with videos by the Magistrates Court of Western Australia. 

FVRO Explained Video

Case studies and news from our 'shuttle' conferencing service.

To find out more about how we can assist you, click the button below to see the different ways you can contact us. 

This service is funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department.

The Commonwealth Attorney General's Department
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