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Disability Discrimination Unit meets the complex Needs of our Community experiencing Discrimination.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Case Study – Goods, services and access to premises matter.

A client visited a coffee shop with their carer, where the staff queried how the client would drink their coffee. The client had percutaneous feeding and the café staff suggested the client had their coffee in a disabled toilet in the shopping centre. Disability Discrimination Unit (DDU) lodged an Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) complaint and provided representation.

The client had a successful outcome including the respondent to undertake disability awareness training.

Case Study – Employment matters – Termination of employment

A client who was informed continuously during their probationary period they were doing a ‘good job’ was suddenly terminated just before the end of the probation period. The client had informed the employer of their disability and was not afforded a support person during termination.

Our client lodged a complaint into the EOC and Sussex Street Community Law Service's DDU provided legal representation. This matter was settled at a case conciliation conference.

Case Study – Service - Failure to provide reasonable adjustments

A client held in a detention centre alleged excessive use of restrictive restraints by staff, which aggravated the client’s existing medical condition. An Australian Human Rights Commission complaint was lodged and DDU represented the client with a successful outcome for the client with restrictions lifted.


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