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Parenting Plans and Child Contact Orders dominate the Family Law Advice.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Advice and drafting of parenting plans and child contact orders dominate the family law advice provided to clients.

The majority of our clients seeking family law advice have recently separated, whether by decision or with a restraining order in place. The separation has occurred without adequate provision for children.

We are well placed to provide early access to legal advice to these parents so that they are able to make more informed decisions and considered agreements that provide for the children’s best interests. Being able to assist with parenting agreements, promptly can mitigate or avoid ongoing disputes, many of which can perpetuate, exacerbate or trigger family violence. Much of the advice involves expectation management so agreements in the children’s best interest can be reached more expeditiously and diverting matters away from the over-stretched resources of the Family Court and publicly funded family dispute resolution services.

Matters with more complex issues are still referred to mediation but with legal advice that can narrow or clarify the issues that need to be resolved, so that the parents are able to engage more meaningfully in family dispute resolution to reach agreement.


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