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Over $24,000 of Debt waived for our Client, plus Assistance with Food and Utilities

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

A client who was living with her adult son who had a disability, was struggling to pay the rent and make the monthly payments on a loan and credit card after she deferred her studies to wait for surgery. Her only income was the Newstart Allowance.

We advocated and negotiated on behalf of the client with her creditor and they agreed to reduce the payments on her accounts. Due to the client’s financial position, we went back to the creditor and requested that the debts be waived. The bank did agree to waive both debts totaling $24,132.06. The client was assisted to set up Centrepay for her utilities and referred to our emergency relief program for assistance with the payment of the arrears on the utilities and food vouchers for the purchase of groceries. We were also able to assist the client with a new washing machine with a grant from the Theodore and Isabella Wearne Charitable Trust.


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