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What We Do: Our Services & Programs 

Model of Service Delivery

The strength of Sussex Street Community Law Service is the range of services available in one place and our ability to assist our clients in a holistic way.


The model used by the service as described below enables Sussex Street to deliver a valuable service to the community.


Upon first contact with the service, the client's eligibility and type of required assistance are assessed. They will then meet with a caseworker, who will provide advice on their presenting problem. At that time, the caseworker will advise the client of the level of assistance Sussex Street is able to provide.

Often, other underlying issues may become apparent to the caseworker, who may be able to refer the client to another worker in-house to deal with the secondary issue.

In many instances the underlying issue can in fact be the main problem.

See our list of services below.

Legal Services

Social Services

Community Education 

Law Reform 


Legal Services 

  • Family Law

  • Civil Law

  • Minor Criminal

  • Disability Discrimination

  • Welfare Rights

  • Night Legal Services 

  • Duty Lawyer Service 

  • RESTORE | Respondent Restraining Order Services 

  • Shuttle Conferencing


Legal Servies

Social Services 


  • Individual Disability Advocacy

  • NDIS Appeals Advocacy 

  • Financial Counselling

  • Financial Wellbeing 

  • Tenant Advocacy

  • Disability Royal Commission Advocacy


Social Services

Community Education 

We offer a number of ways to the community to learn more about their rights and how to access those. We provide education and resources relating to each of our programs.​

We offer these services via: 

  • Group or individual presentations

  • Workshops

  • Publications 

  • Electronic media

Community Education
Law Reform

Law Reform 

We aim to advocate for ongoing law reform to ensure that the law keeps up to date with our society's changing needs. Doing this includes:

  • Writing formal submissions 

  • Collaborating with other organisations to raise issues of relevance and being a voice

  • Reviewing changes in our community that we experience through our service in order to provide an evidence base for legal reform that benefits West Australians


To find out more about how we can help you click the button below to contact us. 

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