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Tenant Advocacy

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

If you have

  • Problems with your landlord / real estate agent

  • An eviction notice

  • No bond money repaid to you

  • Need to appeal a Homeswest decision

a tenant advocate may be able to assist you.

Tenancy services at Sussex Street Community Law Service are both in the provision of advocacy and legal education. The community education provides proactive information to people on tenancy right, tenancy applications, eviction avoidance and eviction processes. This education function is important in empowering tenants and agencies that work with them in all aspects of their tenancy.

The tenant advocate deals with tenants in public and private housing. The aim is to keep the matter out of court if possible and to negotiate with the landlord or Homeswest. The advocate can assist tenants with problems relating to:

  • Homeswest tenancy applications

  • Homeswest appeals

  • Private landlords and real estate agents

  • Property management/rental property maintenance

  • Issues involved in paying rent for housing

  • Eviction notices and breaches

What a Tenant Advocate can do for you as a tenant:

  • Provide a free and confidential service

  • Explain rental processes under the Residential Tenancies Act of WA 1987

  • Explain rental processes under Homeswest policies

  • Advocate on your behalf with landlords and Homeswest

  • Appeal Homeswest decisions on your behalf

  • Attend and represent you at a Homeswest Appeal

  • Provide assistance in the Magistrates Court

It is important to be aware that it is not possible to appeal Homeswest decisions

  • Made more than 12 months ago

  • Under consideration by the Ombudsman or Equal Opportunity or

  • Which have proceeded to court

The service does not assist landlords and commercial tenants.

To discuss your concerns with a tenant advocate, you will need to make an appointment.

When you come in for your appointment you will need to bring all letters, documents or notes made about the issue that concerns you.

To make an appointment

Call (08) 6253 9500

Monday to Friday

9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Sussex Street provides this service to people in the following suburbs:

Victoria Park, East Victoria Park, South Perth, Kensington, Como, Bentley, St James, Carlisle, Welshpool, Kewdale, Cloverdale, Rivervale, Lathlain, Redcliffe, Ascot, Belmont, Queens Park, Karawara, Manning, Salter Point, Waterford, Wilson, Rossmoyne, Riverton, Shelley, Ferndale, Cannington, East Cannington, Beckenham, Kenwick and Wattle Grove.

If you do not live in one of the above suburbs, we can refer you to the most appropriate agency for you.

This service is funded by the Western Australian Department of Commerce.


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