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Our Financial Wellbeing Program gathers Momentum.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Sussex Street Community Law Service is committed to delivering an effective and measured financial wellbeing program to support vulnerable community members.

The Money Support Hub program aims to support eligible individuals and families to navigate and build financial wellbeing, financial capability, and resilience. The program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and is aimed at vulnerable and disadvantaged people and those most at risk of financial and social exclusion.

Financial wellbeing is the feeling of financial security, being in control of one’s finances and being able to meet expenses with some money left over. Financial wellbeing and the ability to be financially resilient is influenced by individuals’ financial capability (knowledge, skills, attitude, behaviour), access to economic resources, financial inclusion and social capital along with their personal health, life events, household community and societal conditions.

In February 2022, SSCLS engaged financial counsellor Ros Retallick to implement the financial wellbeing program. The program objective is to contribute to improved financial wellbeing outcomes for vulnerable people, families, and communities in the southeast metropolitan area by helping them to build longer-term capability to budget and manage their money. To date, several activities have been undertaken, including a review to ensure ongoing effectiveness by improving content and delivery of the program.


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