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Legal Reforms as part of the West Australian Commitment to stopping Family Violence

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Family Violence Legislation Reform (Covid 19 response) Act 2020 and the Family Violence Legislation Reform Act 2020 came into effect as part of the West Australian’s commitment to stopping family violence.

These laws amended the Criminal Code, Sentence Administration Act 2003, Bail Act 1982 as well as more significantly the Restraining Orders Act 1997. Some of the changes as a result of the amendments are the introduction of new offences, introduction of Serial Family Violence Offender provisions as well as the introduction of the shuttle conference, which piloted out of Perth Magistrates Court in early July 2021 and will eventually be rolled out.

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The number of referrals increased by 29%. This is reflected in the increase in demand for our services and that matters increased in their complexity, demanded more of our time and resources.

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