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Terms and Conditions 

Sussex Street Community Law Service Inc is a not-for-profit non-government community-based organisation that provides access to accountable, non-judgmental and effective legal services to low income people in the community.


Information should not be taken as legal advice. 

The purpose of our website and social media platforms is to provide community education, promote awareness, discussion, participation and sharing of information that aligns with our purpose, vision and values. Information on our website and social media platforms should not be taken for legal advice, however we may be able to assist you within the areas of law that we specialise in. To discuss this further and make an appointment with the most appropriate person, contact us via the details on our website

Respectful behaviour 

Sussex Street Community Law Service encourages your discussion and opinion, however we ask that you keep the discussion respectful. Any form of bullying, trolling or abusive posts or messages will be deleted. If a user engages in this behaviour more than once, Sussex Street Community Law Service reserves the right to block the user. Any content that is determined to be spam will be deleted. If a user posts spam more than once, that user will be blocked. Please be aware we are not responsible for the content of external websites. You should take caution when opening links that are shared or posted.

Our right to remove public comments or information 

As this website and our social media accounts are open to members of the public. Please be aware that if you choose to post or share information, it can be viewed and accessed by other users. For this reason, we do not encourage posts, which contain personal or sensitive information. If that the content posted by a user is deemed to contain personal or sensitive information, which may cause a risk or harm, we reserve the right to remove the post. Promotion of businesses, services or products are not permitted on this website and any of our social media accounts. If you would like Sussex Street Community Law Service to consider a business, service or product relevant to our work, please contact us. Otherwise, business-related posts will be deleted. If a user posts business-related content more than once, the user will be blocked.

Collecting, recording, holding and using information  

When interacting with us, we may need to record information, which you have supplied to us. In order to provide the best service possible, we use a range of technologies to assist us. These technologies include software applications with servers located both in Australia and overseas. We are dedicated to ensuring your privacy and general security is never compromised. We do this by working toward best practice in information security management. When using our services either face to face or digitally, you agree to us storing your information where appropriate on our servers both in Australia and oversees. This enables us to provide the best possible service to you.


Where reasonable and required by law, we are committed to:

  • De-identify personal information

  • Restrict access to authorised personnel

  • Apply engineering controls to protect your personal information

  • Only use your data for the intended reasons it was given to us for

  • Make our privacy statement and policies and any updates to these available for people to review

  • Only rely on indirect consent where direct consent would not have been reasonable or would have had a negative effect on our service to you


For more information on how we ensure your privacy, see our Privacy Policy.  


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