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Servicios Legales y Sociales

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Find out more about how we can help with legal problems

Find out more about our 'shuttle conferencing' services and advice services.

Find out how our financial counsellors and financial workers can assist you

Our Mission

We deliver legal and social services, community education and law reform to promote social justice.

Ley familiar

Ley civil

Derecho Penal Menor

Discriminación por discapacidad

Derechos de Bienestar

Defensa de la discapacidad

Consejería Financiera


Bienestar financiero 

Defensa del inquilino

Talleres de trabajo




Abogacía Legal

Presentaciones de reforma

What we do

Disability Discrimination 

Disability Royal Commission 

Disability Advocacy

About Us

Find out why we do what we do.

We are a non-profit Community Legal Centre with a long history.

 First Nations 

Reconcilliation and First Nations People

See more about our efforts to increase access to justice for First Nations Australians. 

Aboriginal Australian Artist

Our Services

A wrap-around-service

Working holistically with you means we can make a real and lasting difference. 


Find out about our eligibility requirements.

Our eligibility criteria focuses on inclusion instead of exclusion. 

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