Financial Counselling

Do you have-

  • Debt Problems
  • Can't pay bills
  • Behind in payments
  • Being hassled by finance companies

A Financial Counsellor may be able to help you.

Sussex Street Community Law Service Inc delivers financial counselling services to low income earners experiencing financial difficulties by

  • Providing a free and confidential service
  • Making arrangements on your behalf to negotiate with creditors to pay outstanding bills and debts
  • Assisting you to develop budgeting skills
  • Assistance with consumer protection issues including credit and debt
  • Assistance with WA No Interest Loan Scheme applications
  • Providing you with information on bankruptcy and its effects

The Financial Counselling Service does not provide

  • legal advice, nor can it
  • provide assistance to businesses or
  • tax advice or prepare tax returns.

Sussex Street practices preventative law by encouraging people to seek information prior to making a financial decision. As part of that commitment we offer education sessions to small groups of consumers or community groups or as part of professional development to employees.

To discuss your concerns with a Financial Counsellor, you will need to make an appointment. Please be aware that at busy times it can take up to two weeks to get an appointment. When you come in for your appointment you will need to bring

  • Proof of your income including a concession card if your have one
  • All outstanding bills and accounts that need to be paid
  • Copies of any letters you have received from creditors

You will need to have a good idea of how much you spend on food, rent, electricity and gas and day to day expenses.

During the interview the financial counsellor may

  • Discuss with you all your sources of income and bills you pay, not just the one that is causing you problems right now
  • Prepare an income and expenditure statement showing you where your money comes from and where it goes each fortnight
  • Verify these details with your creditors
  • Talk with you about how your got into debt
  • Check that the debts really are your responsibility
  • Sort out with you about being taken to court, what a bailiff can do and if bankruptcy might be for you

To make an appointment

Call 6253 9500
Monday to Friday
9.30am - 4.30pm

Sussex Street provides this service to people in the Town of Victoria Park including suburbs of Victoria Park, East Victoria Park, Bentley, Lathlain St James and Carlisle.

This service is funded through

The Western Australian Department of Community Development.


Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia is the peak body for financial counselling in Western Australia. This site will assist you to find out more about financial counselling, how it may benefit you, and lead your to a vast range of useful links to legal government and community support services. WA No Interest Loan Scheme (WANILS) assists low income earners to apply for an interest free community loan for essential household items.

For a more comprehensive list of other useful information go to the links page


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