Programs & Services

Model of Service Delivery

The strength of Sussex Street Community Law Service is the breadth of services available in one place and the ability of Sussex Street to be able to assist a client in a holistic way. The model used by the service as described below enables Sussex Street to deliver a valuable service to the community.

When a client first has contact with the service they are assessed to as to their eligibility and the type of assistance they require. They are then booked in to see a caseworker who will provide advice on their presenting problem. At this time the caseworker will advise the client of the level of assistance Sussex Street is able to provide.

Often as a result of this appointment other issues will become apparent to the caseworker who may be able to refer the client in-house to another worker to deal with the secondary issue. In many instances the underlying issue can in fact be the main problem.

Individual Services

Sussex Street Community Law Service offers a range of different services for more information on these follow the links below.


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