Recent Wins

Congratulations to all of the staff who have achieved many successful outcomes for clients across the range of programs. 

Our clients were thrilled with the following outcomes:

  • The Department of Housing applied to the Magistrate Court to terminate a tenancy for rent arrears.  The clients had an intellectual disability.  We established he was not paying the correct amount of rent and our client rectified the breach.  The Department agreed to dismiss the case.
  • We assisted a client on workers compensation who was over committed with his 5 Credit cards and also had a mortgage and car loan.  The client had over $100,000 in Credit card debt and over a period of 6 months of negotiation with creditors we managed to get $70,000 waived. 
  • We acted for a minor in family law matters.  The client was the father of a baby girl and the mother of the child was not allowing him to see his daughter.  The client wanted to be known to his daughter and to be able to spend regular time with her.  We gave the client legal advice, prepared his court documents and represented him at court.  The outcome of the matter resulted in the client getting to spend regular time with his daughter pursuant to family court orders.


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